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ASTROATD is not liable for any loss or detrimental event occurring as a result of following the advice provided by us. We are also not liable for the accuracy or completeness of our reports and services. These services are provided based on general astrological principles and techniques but it should not be solely relied on and it should not be used instead of medical treatment or any legal procedure.
We are not responsible for any error, delay, omission or commission in our services. No legal liability can be claimed by anyone regarding these aspects. There is no contractual liability towards any of our customers or partners regarding our services. The contents of our website and our reports are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced by any party without the written permission of the owner.
We expressly disclaim all warranties for using any of our astrological services or reports. We disclaim the accuracy of all our reports and the contents of our website. There is no legal liability on the owner of ASTROATD website. Any customer should use our services only if the customer agrees to indemnify and it's owner against any legal claim. No refunds will be made by ASTROATD under any circumstances.

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